Rs 2000 crore hawala trick uncovered in Mumbai


The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has passed the top over a hawala trick, wherein records of normal individuals were stolen to exchange a lot of cash out of India.

The DRI authorities said the trick, worth more than Rs 2,000 crore, includes four nationalized banks and one private bank, and the extortion was completed between October a year ago and March 2016 from the banks’ south Mumbai branches.

Like most such tricks, the general population whose characters were stolen for this situation too have no clue about the misrepresentation. Case in point, a record was opened for the sake of a Ulhasnagar silver screen corridor specialist, and Rs 400 crore were exchanged from this record to an organization based out of India, the DRI authorities said.

So also, records were opened in the names of a ticket-checker, a sweeper working at Govandi Railway Station, and a roadside bhelpuri merchant in Ghatkopar among others, and every record was utilized to exchange between Rs 400 crore and Rs 600 crore out of India, the DRI sources said.

“A sham organization was set up from an office at Masjid Bunder. The workplace was abandoned once the exchanges were done. It’s an unmistakable instance of dark cash being sent to places of refuge,” a DRI officer exploring the case said.

The officer declined to give out the names of the banks, yet said that their branches at the Opera House, Fort, Masjid Bunder and Nagpada were utilized to do the exchanges.

“A solitary organization is included in the misrepresentation. Its location was appeared at Masjid Bunder, and the denounced utilized 12 import-send out codes to claim that cash was utilized to import products from a few South-East Asian nations,” the officer said.

A preparatory test uncovered that the import-send out codes uncovered Rs 2,232 crore were sent to purchase for the most part electronic merchandise, yet the real import was worth Rs 25 crore.

“Clearly the bank authorities are hand-in-glove with the scamsters. An essential survey would have uncovered the trick, yet the bank authorities didn’t much try to cross-check the cash exchanges, nor was any exchange answered to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU),” the officer said.

The DRI said that the vast majority of the general population whose records were stolen to open the records earned not as much as Rs 10,000 a month. “We have educated the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate to test the case. We think the counterfeit organization was made by those included in pearls and adornments exchanging,” a DRI officer said.

He included that few cases have become exposed as of late wherein gold and precious stones are snuck into the nation and the installment are made through hawala exchanges to the venders in the Gulf and South-East Asia.

“For this situation, we attacked the Masjid Bunder location to discover the premises were utilized by goldsmiths, who had no clue about the trick,” the officer said.

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