Routine practices that invite anger to Goddess Lakshmi


Who doesn't love the idea of having abundance of wealth and money? We all do. We work hard throughout the day to make money which is essential for our survival. Earning money is a tough task but the tougher task is to maintain that wealth.

Wealth cannot be equated to the feeling of happiness. But, it allows people to feel important, valued, respected and influential. And most importantly, lets a person get whatever they desire in life.

As per Hindus, if you keep Goddess Lakshmi happy and attract her to your home then wealth and prosperity would never leave you.

You will be surprised to know that even our Shastras (ancient Hindu texts) mention several methods through which we can attain wealth and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi is believed to be the presiding deity of money and wealth.

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The house in which Goddess Lakshmi stays is always blessed with a lot of money and wealth. But Lakshmi is very unstable and she has the tendency to leave one house for another where she finds more devotion and comfort.

Do you know your small habits can change your luck and financial status instantly? If you believe in the Shashtras, you must follow the instructions described in them. It is believed that the simple and classic rules mentioned in them are easy to follow and very effective.

Our small habits bring in a very big difference in our financial status. Want to know about the small habits that could be bringing bad luck to you? Read on…

Worshipping Tulsi

As per Hindu shashtras touching or worshipping Tulsi after Sunset is prohibited. Doing so brings bad luck and poverty to you and your family.

Worshipping Tulsi and offering water to it is considered very auspicious but not in the evening time. In evening just lit a ghee lamp near Tulsi. By doing so, you will not only eradicate negative energy but also attract Goddess Lakshmi to your home.

Sweeping after sunset

Sweeping after sunset is considering inauspicious. As per the shashtras, if you sweep after sunset, you are cleaning all your happiness and good luck.

Physical intimacy

Creating physical relation during evening is not appreciated by shashtras. As per Hindu mythology having physical relation during evening can attract bad luck.

Sleeping during sunset

Sleeping during sunset bring bad luck and attract negative energy. It can also be the reason behind obesity and other health related problems.

Cleaning utensils

It is believed that if you don't clean the utensils after eating, you will come under the bad influence of Saturn and moon. And, if you clean your plate after eating, Goddess Lakshmi bestows you with wealth and prosperity.

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Studying at the time of sunset

This may come as shocker but as per mythology studying during sunset can attract the wrath of Goddess Lakshmi. It is suggested that during sunset one should play and do some physical activity rather than sitting inside house and studying.

Spitting at wrong places

Don't spit at wrong places. Spitting at wrong places bring bad luck. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi becomes angry if you keep your surroundings dirty.