Rouhani blames US for ‘absence of consistence’ on atomic arrangement


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blamed the United States for not consenting to the point of interest atomic assention that produced results in January, and said American validity would endure if the agreement were not regarded. 

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In his United Nations General Assembly discourse and later at a hourlong news meeting, Rouhani censured what he portrayed as an American inability to hold fast to commitments under the understanding, which loose numerous monetary authorizations on Iran in return for obvious promises of quiet atomic work. 

Rouhani told columnists that in spite of the extraordinary tact that had accomplished the understanding amongst Iran and enormous forces including the United States, there was "not an exceptionally stellar report card by the United States with regards to satisfying the assention." 

Rouhani called the understanding a model for how to determine question calmly. Be that as it may, he coupled the commendation with a notice against "illicit activities" by the United States. 

He griped that American limitations on keeping money and dollar exchanges with Iran, which were unaffected by the atomic assention, have debilitated numerous banks from connecting with the nation since they stress over conceivable punishments from the United States. 

Rouhani said any disappointment in executing the atomic assention "will encourage disintegrate the validity of the United States on the planet,"

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