Most romantic author in top 5


Durjoy dutta , who writes all best romantic novels with all his heart in emotions found be in top 10 Seems like readers are much more into love influences where as Dan brown has taken a back seat.

  • Origin : (Robert Langdon book 5 ) holds second place 
  • The Alchemist of Paulo Coelho’s holds third position
  • Amish’s Sita is at number four
  • Tell tale by Jeffery Archer is at number five

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The romantic novel “the boy with a broken heart” is the sequel to the novel The Boy Who Loved which released earlier this year. the author tried varied genres and it’s shown in his writing.  The first announcement was made on Instagram related to” the boy with a broken heart” on Instagram. The exceptional story line and abrupt but the ending of first book has made the readers curious about the second book, every reader wants to get through the story as soon as possible and see how heartless teenagers are nowadays.

Blurb of the book: The boy with a broken heart by Durjoy Dutta:

This book continues with the soft story of Raghu and Brahmi which grew dark towards the end of the first book and left Raghu shattered . That is why the second novel is aptly called The Boy with A Broken Heart.

The story of Durjoy Datta’s new novel is set in a period two years after an unfortunate event when Raghu couldn’t save Brahmi one night. Having lost everything that night, Raghu wanted to disappear somewhere and be completely detached from the world.

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The story of The Boy with a Broken Heart takes a positive turn as Advaita enters. She is attracted towards Raghu the more he wants to hide; in fact to an irritating extent. Eventually, Advaita finds a way to be in an unlikely friendship with Raghu. Advaita is curious and  just want  to know what left Raghu so heartbroken. Could her love become the antidote of the heartache of Raghu?