This Rolls Royce Has Been Refused Permission To Run On Delhi Roads


A Rolls Royce car owner, who purchased the classic petroleum driven model path in 1996, has failed to get respite from the National Green Tribunal which has declined to renew registration of his vehicle.

A seat headed by Justice Jawad Rahim said that the order passed by NGT, prohibiting employing of petroleum vehicles which are more than 15 years of age, has attained conclusion as the interest against it has been dismisses by the Supreme Court.

“Other than the above, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises has lodged an application looking for alteration of our orders dated April 7, 2015 and July 20, 2016 which has been heard and held for judgment by a seat headed by NGT Chairperson,” the tribunal said.

It, be that as it may, allowed freedom to the Delhi inhabitant to look for appropriate help subject to the decision on the appeal recorded by the service.

The car owner, Ashok Kumar Jain, had said he bought the Rolls Royce petroleum based car in 1995 and it was imported in 1996 subsequent to making a payment of 112,350 pounds, which was proportionate to Rs. one crore as on that date, alongside customs duty.

The candidate had expressed that he has moved toward the manufacturer of the car in UK for making it standards agreeable and the organization has affirmed his vehicle could be repaired and moved up to meet the Euro-IV standards.

He had looked for consent to get his vehicle enlistment reestablished for being transported to London for repair and upgradation to meet Euro IV emission norms.

He said the vehicle is protected and had pollution test certificate and because of the tribunal’s order, he would not have the capacity to get his vehicle’s enrollment reestablished.

He looked for permission to utilize the vehicle subsequent to conforming to important fitness certificate and pollution tests.

The appeal to said the tribunal while limiting the privilege of owners of petroleum vehicles more seasoned than 15 years to utilize on the streets of Delhi and NCR or from getting fresh enrollment in these ranges, “did not consider the situation of such classic models of luxury cars which have not lost their incentive in spite of the day and age and would be worth moving up to permissible fitness requirements under the Motor Vehicles Act for plying on the road”.

It said such cars have picked up a distinct sense of worth because of their rare make and accessibility of the models in the market and Jain’s car cold be perceived as a vintage vehicle in course of time.