Rollercoaster crash at M&Ds Theme Park, 10 childrens injured


LONDON: Three children are seriously hurt in hospital this morning after a rollercoaster flew off the rails and crashed at a theme park. The Daily Record newspaper cited eyewitness reports saying the carriage, carrying 10 people, on the Tsunami ride at M&D's theme park in Motherwell in southern Scotland flew off the rails as it turned a corner and plummeted to the ground. Lanarkshire Police said in a statement on Twitter that 10 casualties had been confirmed and an investigation was under way.

Police said Six ambulances and six fire engines were at the M&D's park near Strathclyde Park, Motherwell, after being called at 15:37. It was evacuated shortly after. One adult and one child are in a stable condition and three children are expected to be allowed home later. The injured are being cared for at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Wishaw General and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, although details of their injuries have not been released. The incident involved the Tsunami ride, which can travel at up to 40mph through corkscrew turns and loops. 

According to eyewitness Nik said: "I was waiting in line at another ride with my friend and their kids, we heard the crash and saw lots of people running and screaming. "Was very scary for us and the kids. People were on the ground and lots of people crying. "The ride was the most popular all day queues are always long."