Rohingya- A Tale of Horror


“World’s most persecuted minority”, the Rohingya are traumatized due to undergoing through horrific atrocities and genocide.

The violence-ravaged Rakhine state in Myanmar was incinerated, burning village after village wiping out Rohingya insurgents by the Government’s military forces.

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As a result, the Muslim Rohingya refugees took the land to flee for refuge in Bangladesh and some took the sea to reach Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in a weary and wounded state.

Related imageAround 400,000 Rohingya people crossed the border during which at least 1,100 children were separated from their parents, according to UN sources.

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The persecution and killings of Myanmar’s Muslims has worsened the cycle of violence leading to dozens of corpses in the name of ethnicity.

The UN has accused Myanmar for such an inhuman act as well as the world is raising its voice against this communal atrocity and also joining their helping hands in the refugee crisis.