Myanmar: U.N. move could ruin discussions with Bangladesh


YANGON – Myanmar said on Wednesday that the U.N. Security Council’s announcement on the Rohingya evacuee emergency could “genuinely hurt” its discussions with Bangladesh over repatriating more than 600,000 individuals who have fled there to get away from a Myanmar military crackdown.

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The Security Council had asked Myanmar, in an announcement on Monday, to “guarantee no further intemperate utilization of military power” and had communicated “grave worry over reports of human rights infringement and misuse in Rakhine State”.

Reacting, Myanmar’s accepted pioneer Aung Sang Suu Kyi, whose under two year-old regular citizen organization imparts energy to the military, said the issues confronting Myanmar and Bangladesh must be settled reciprocally, a point she says was overlooked in the Security Council explanation.

“Besides, the (Security Council) Presidential Statement could conceivably and truly hurt the respective transactions between the two nations which have been continuing easily and speedily,” Suu Kyi’s office said in an announcement.

Transactions with Bangladesh were progressing it stated, and the Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali had been welcome to Myanmar from Nov. 16-17. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is because of visit Myanmar daily prior, on Nov. 15, with moves in the air in Washington to bring a bill calling for sanctions on Myanmar that particularly focus on the military and related business interests.

In a gesture to China, the Myanmar articulation said it valued the stand taken by a few individuals from the Security Council who maintained the rule of non-impedance in the interior issues of sovereign nations.

To assuage gathering veto powers Russia and China, Britain and France dropped a push for the Security Council to embrace a determination on the circumstance and the 15-part body rather collectively concurred on a formal proclamation.

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The United Nations has impugned the brutality amid the previous 10 weeks as an exemplary case of ethnic purifying to drive the Rohingya Muslims out of Buddhist greater part Myanmar.