Robert Vadra land deal cases of taking undue Favours


Chandigarh: On Thursday the retired judge was theoretical to present his account to Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar, kept journalist on hooks for hours. A day subsequent to Justice SN Dhingra charge sought six weeks' additional time to present the report into land deals connecting several companies counting that of Robert Vadra. Congress spokesperson RS Surjewala supposed that Justice Dhingra had conventional unwarranted favours from administration.

Surjewala conveyed that, “Justice Dhingra conventional unwarranted favours from the Haryana management for a faith of which he's chairman”. The Congress spokesperson conveyed that, “It requires to be probed how a gift of land was given”.  Justice Dhingra has conciliation his place and he be supposed to leave.  Surjewala further conveyed that, “He is life form used as a supporting tool by the BJP for vendetta, he must quit”. This Commission must be disbanded. The payment was set up to investigate grant of land licenses to some companies counting that of Robert Vadra's in Gurgaon throughout the Congress regulation in Haryana. Robert Vadra is the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and husband of Priyanka Gandhi. Justice Dhingra conveyed that, he had required more time to present the account in arrange to go through some documents from a person conveying that they are documents of benami transactions of who benefitted from the grant of licence." Haryana administration had previous two times comprehensive the term of the Dhingra Commission of question.