Roasted Almond Ice Cream


Roasted Almond Ice Cream is that ultimate dessert for which you will forever crave. It has an unforgettable nutty flavour due to slow roasted almonds and is soft and creamy as well as crunchy. The almonds make it healthy, adding the benefits of Vitamin E, Manganese, Magnesium, Riboflavin, Biotin and Phosphorous. If you do not want your kids to go for sugar laden, artificially flavoured ice-creams, try this quick and easy ice-cream recipe. Made with only a few ingredients, readily available in your kitchen, Roasted Almond Ice-Cream is just out of the world. It goes well as a dessert with both Indian and Chinese food. It can specially be served after a luxurious, scrumptious Mughlai meal. Made with natural ingredients, this delectable and quick ice-cream recipe is a must try. It is sure to get you loads of brownie points from your friends and relatives. You can make similar ice-cream with roasted pistachios, roasted cashews and even roasted peanuts.


1 litre milk
1/2 cup condensed milk
1 cup almonds
2 teaspoon powdered green cardamom
1 cup fresh cream
1 teaspoon corn flour
1 pinch saffron
2 cup ice cubes


  • Take a heavy bottomed pan and add milk to it. Put it on fire on low flame and let the milk boil. Keep stirring once in a while or the milk will start sticking to the bottom of the pan and will eventually begin to burn, spoiling the taste of the milk.
  • Once the milk is reduced to half its original quantity and acquires a thick and pinkish texture, switch off the gas and allow it to cool. Meanwhile, dry roast the almonds till they acquire a nutty aroma. Now roughly powder the almonds and keep some to be used as garnish later.
  • Now switch on the gas again and add the condensed milk, almonds and cream. Once it comes to a boil, add cardamom powder(powder it with a rolling pin at that very moment as freshly powdered cardamom has a superior aroma), saffron dissolved in a spoon of milk and cornflour dissolved in half a cup cold milk. Allow the milk to simmer for 2-5 minutes.
  • Now let it cool by placing the vessel in a bowl of ice. This will make it more creamy. As soon as the milk cools down, refrigerate it for two to three hours. Once the ice-cream is set, remove it from the refrigerator and mix it well with a hand blender. This step is important to ensure that your ice-cream turns out to be creamy.
  • Pour it in the mold of your choice and freeze. The ice-cream will be ready in two to three hours. Add chopped almonds on top. You can also decorate the ice-cream with pistachios, raisins and wafers or mint and sprinklers. Serve it as a post dinner dessert. Your kids are going to love it.