Road rage murder caught in CCTV footage in Rajasthan


A minor fight over a traffic dispute took an ugly turn when a furious milkman crushed the head of a 36-year-old auto driver with a boulder in Sardarshahar town of Churu locale.

As the occurrence took place in a crowded market individuals seeing the terrible confrontation were stunned the moment victim auto driver fainted. The blamed milkman was caught while the auto driver who was profusely bleeding after severe head injury was rushed to the hospital. A day after the occurrence, the minor fight ended up being a murder case when the auto driver succumbed in the hospital and milkman was arrested.

The entire occurrence was caught on CCTV in the market area which clearly indicated that minor argument was taken too seriously by both the victims, recognized as Mushtaq Niwariya and the accused milkman, Hiralal (40). As indicated by police at 8.30am, Mushtaq was taking a turn when his auto hit Hiralal’s bike, there was a little scratch on Hiralal’s bike which made him seething with anger.

“At once, Hiralal sat on his bike to leave the place when he spotted Mushtaq holding a big screw driver. That’s when he thought it was a life threat and he too got a stone lying on the road and smashed it on the head of Mushtaq,” said O P Godara, station house officer, Sardarshahar police headquarters of Churu region.

The blamed milkman was instantly caught according to the video film and even after this episode he appeared to be confused and clueless. “We have additionally seized the blood stained boulder which would be used as the prime evidence against the charged. We are likewise searching for independent witnesses who were seen at the market place when the episode occurred. The denounced is already been sent to the jail and now we are going for rfiling the charge-sheet in 10 days,” he included.

A few local people have additionally alleged that local bodies should also ensure that boulders should not on the road just like that. “At one end we discuss cleanliness and on the other hand we witness such shameful and shocking incidents in which a rock turned into the prime weapon in a freak murder,” said Sitaram Saini, a local at Sardarshahar town of Churu region.

Video source: Times of India