RJD MLA Virendra Sinha’s son Kunal arrested for allegedly stabbing man in case of road rage


Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLA’s son has been accused of stabbing a man in a case of road rage. Kunal Pratap, son of RJD lawmaker Birendra Sinha, allegedly beat up and stabbed 26-year-old Pintu Kumar for overtaking his car in the Obra area of Aurangabad district on Friday.

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The victim says Kunal made him stop his bike after he overtook the legislator's son's car. Kunal, infuriated with the fact that Mr Kumar overtook his car, first thrashed him and then allegedly stabbed him.

The victim was rushed to a government hospital in Patna, with multiple stab injuries. "This happened to me last night… He wanted me to follow his orders as his father is an MLA, but I said no and then stabbed me," said Mr Kumar.

However, the legislator said the charges against his son are false. "There was a fight. There is no point of stabbing as the whole staff was there to witness… He (Pintu) has a criminal background, he was trying to take over my son's car, maybe with the intention of killing him," said Mr Sinha.

A similar incident had taken place last month, when in neighbouring Chhattisgarh, a politician's son and his friends thrashed two bikers when he was unable to overtake their motorcycle. A cellphone video of the attack, led by Nannu Pawar, whose father Manturam Pawar was with the Congress but is now with the BJP, had gone viral on social media.

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