Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor one of most grounded people, says Sonu Sood


Actor Sonu Sood commented on the contversry of Rishi Kapoor’s viral video misbehaving with media person during Ganpati Visarjan. He alleged, “The veteran star and his family are the most grounded people in Bollywood.”

Actor Varun Dhawan gets mobbed by fans at a event in Delhi

Now, Rishi Kapoor’s elder brother Randhir Kapoor will do “Visarjan” of their idol God “Ganpati” at Chembur.

In the video, Randhir Kapoor was seen slapping a reporter who was approaching him to take a byte
while Rishi is pushing a man who approaches him for a selfie.

Sonu Sood said, "I don't know what exactly happened, I wasn't there. But I have met Ranbir, Rishi sir. They are great people. I think everyone will agree they are one of the most grounded people we have in the industry.”

"I don't think that can happen, but when you're in a crowd and you are moving with the family, this has happened to everyone that sometimes, there is this whole crowd and you react to situations.

"I think they are great people and I totally love them. But I can't comment on the issue, because I wasn't there," the 43-year-old actor added.

The upcoming film “Tutak Tutak Tutiya” is all set to release on October 7. It has Sonu Sood in the lead role.

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