Rishi Kapoor And Preity Tweet About US Presidential Debate


The first debate between US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which wound up a few minutes before writing this, has got the virtual world excited.

Twitter was quick to pick up on the volume of Donald Trump’s sniffles, Lester Holt's allegedly inadequate moderation skills and Hillary Clinton's criticism of her opponent's business policies, amidst heated arguments and future promises. Could Bollywood be far behind?

Actor Rishi Kapoor told the world that he was glued to the television as the debate unfolded at Hofstra University. He was hoping for something 'sensible':

The primary open deliberation between US Presidential applicants Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which twisted up a couple of minutes before composing this, has the virtual world energized.

Twitter rushed to get on the volume of Donald Trump's wheezes, Lester Holt's professedly insufficient balance abilities and Hillary Clinton's feedback of her rival's business strategies, in the midst of warmed contentions and future guarantees. Could Bollywood be a long ways behind?

Performer Rishi Kapoor told the world that he was stuck to the TV as the level headed discussion unfurled at Hofstra University. He was seeking after something 'sensible':