Rio Olympics 2016 closing ceremony to be held today!


RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil and the world say goodbye on Sunday to the main Olympic Games in South America, a 16-day display that joined various highlight reel minutes with terrible and even strange scenes that occasionally dominated the rivalries.

A large number of fans overcame solid winds and sporadic downpours to watch the end service in notorious Maracana Stadium, a finale intended to be both one final bash and to deal with some business — in particular flag the move to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan.

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The legislative leader of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, acknowledged the banner from International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, flagging the end of the 2016 recreations and the move.

Widespread desire the diversions in Tokyo, one of the world’s wealthiest, most unmistakable, cosmopolitan urban communities, will run more easily than they have in Rio. But at the same time there’s stress in Japan about whether the Olympics will in the long run further drag down an economy that has been battling for a considerable length of time.

Whatever the future holds, Sunday’s gathering was about Brazil, a last gathering intended to be more serene than the opening, which concentrated intensely on Rio. The service opened with unique footage of Alberto Santos Dumont, the man that Brazilians perceive as the innovator of the plane. Brazilians additionally trust he is the first to ever wear a wristwatch, an innovation made by a companion so he could see the time in flight.

The topic of the show was “Brazilians can do with their exposed hands,” a gesture to the developing economy of the world’s fifth most crowded country.

Wearing brilliant quills, many artists framed fit as a fiddle of the curves of Lapa, a well known region of Rio likened to Roman vestiges, then transformed to make the state of famous Sugarloaf before rapidly evolving once more, this opportunity to the authority 2016 image.

Samba legend Martinho da Vila, whose tunes advance into numerous prominent telenovelas, sang “Carinhoso,” or “Loving.”

At that point the competitors poured in under light rain, waving their banners while numerous shook their bodies to samba-imbued pop that made the stadium feel like a Carnival parade. England’s competitors wore shoes with soles that lit up in changing shades of red, white and blue, while Tongan taekwondo competitor Pita Taufatofua moved in front of an audience in a grass skirt as a DJ performed, repeating a minute that caught consideration when he conveyed the banner for his nation amid the opening service.

The show broadened its focal point past the postcard city of Rio to more prominent Brazil, a huge nation with an area mass marginally bigger than the mainland United States. There was a tribute to buckle depictions of a portion of the primary tenants of the Americas, in Serra da Capivara, in Northeastern Brazil, today the country’s poorest district.

Onlookers got the chance to see entertainers shake it to frevo, an excited move that — on the off chance that it’s even conceivable — makes high-octane samba appear like a staid assembly hall undertaking. Holding a little umbrella, the artists bounced here and there, appearing to walk and consolidate trapeze artistry in the meantime.

They shook it to “Vassourinhas,” which signifies “little floor brushes,” a prominent tune that was likewise the name of a popular club in the northeastern city of Recife.

The show additionally constructed exhibitions around “saudade,” which implies anything from aching for somebody to misery to recollecting great times. It is a standout amongst the most critical words in Brazilian Portuguese. Lights flashed interpretations for the word in numerous dialects, and a gathering of ladies sang “Mulher Rendeira,” or “Trim making Woman,” a gesture to the nation’s African legacy. Brazil was the last nation in the Americas to criminal bondage, in 1888.

The diversions had numerous important minutes, both for Brazilian contenders at home and competitors from around the globe.

Soccer-crazed Brazil got halfway payback against Germany, winning gold two years after a 7-1 World Cup last shellacking that left numerous in Latin America’s biggest country raging. American tumbler Simone Biles attested her strength with four golds, swimmer Michael Phelps added five more to up his stunning aggregate to 23 and the world’s speediest man, Usain Bolt, put on his typical show with three golds days before turning 30 years of age.

However, there were additionally terrible scenes, similar to American swimmer Ryan Lochte’s manufactured tale around a nerve racking burglary that was really an inebriated energized vandalism of a service station restroom, and unusual issues like Olympic plunging pools going from gem blue to gunky, green growth green — during a period when Rio’s water quality in untamed waters is one of the greatest nearby natural issues.

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