Rio Olympic Live: India Swimming Team Shivani Kataria, Sajan Prakash fail to qualify for semi-finals in 200m


The two Indian swimmers that were competing at the Rio Olympics, Sajan Prakash and Shivani Kataria, had to settle with only their heats as competition time. Both swimmers, as expected, made an early exit from the Games and have no competition left. 

Both the athletes failed to qualify for the semi-finals, thus crashing out of their respective events, on Day 3 at Olympic Aquatics Stadium in Rio de Janerio on Monday. Kataria, who was competing in the Women’s 200m freestyle, along side a couple of other competitors, finished second, while Prakash, who was competing in the Men’s 200m butterfly, along side four other competitors finished fourth, as he required the top spot finish to make sure of his spot in the semis.

In the women’s 200m freestyle, Shivani was second in her heats but didn’t qualify on the basis of other classification points of swimmers from other heats. She finished 28th out of the total 29 swimmers. In the men’s 200m butterfly heats, Sajan finished a disappointing fourth out of five swimmers and didn’t come close to qualifying for the finals. In the end, Sajan finished 41st amongst the 43 swimmers on the basis of his timings. Sajan clocled 1 min 59.37 secs in his heat and failed to qualify for the next round.

Men’s and women’s swimming heats

# We will now have to wait how and when Shivani Katatria makes the cut. The 2nd position doesn’t gurantee her a berth in the finals

# Sajan Prakash, with a time of 1.59.37, finishes fourth in men’s 200m butterfly heats

# Sajan Prakash not in top three after first 100m of butterfly heat

# Prakash off to a poor start as he fails to feature in the top three at the moment

# Sajan Prakash in action in the men’s 200m butterfly heats

# Sajan Prakash will also be in action when he competes in the 200m butterfly heats

# Buadromo wins the heat and Shivani settles for second spot. Indian covers 200m in 2.09.30

# Shivani now loses her lead as she plays catch-up now. The Indian needs brisk two laps to topple the leader now

# Shivani has taken a little lead at the start. She is pressing forward

# Shivani Kataria of India is in lane 4. She splashes some water on her swimming suit and the 18-year-old takes her mark for the heat

# India’s Shivani Kataria will compete in the women’s 200m freestyle heats. The swimmers have taken their position and it’s about to get underway shortly

Shivani Kataria, only the third Indian woman swimmer to qualify for the Olympics, aspires to finish high in 200m freestyle at the Rio Games, starting next month.