Rio De Janerio visit will help see problems of players, says Haryana Sports Minister


New Delhi: Haryana sports minister Anil Vij visit to Rio De Janerio has received criticism.  He went to the Rio De Janerio to boost the players. The Minister claimed that the trip was planned to see the difficulties of the players and to come up with appropriate solution.  
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The minister said, “They have defective thinking and that they have “started a hate campaign against our country”. 
Minister was criticized by everyone as he took around 1 crore rupees to visit the Rio Olympics games 2016.

People were annoyed with the fact that the Indian players participating in Rio have been devoid of even basic facilities while the ministers are going for such trips only to ‘boost the morale of the players.’ Instead, had the same amount been spent on the players, things might have been different today. 

On reaching to the Rio De Janerio, the sports minister declared prize money of Rs six crore for players bagging gold medal.

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