Review: Wah Mahal


Director: Ajit Sinha
Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Manjari Fadnis
Rating: 1.5/5

A social laborer will detect a colossal bindi and wear all around creased sarees, government officials are about offering flame to bedlam till they can utilize it to their own particular advantage, cops couldn't care less for wrongdoings and media houses are about getting TRPs. Sounds like a cliché story for a Bollywood parody. Too bad, Ajit Sinha's Wah Taj does not seem to be the parody drama it intends to be. 

The film begins with Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Fadnis attempting to enter Taj Mahal on a tractor with the arrangement to move base. Yes, they have their whole family gear with them, including a Krishna symbol and a khat (nation made bunk). The shenanigans of a Marathi couple guaranteeing its proprietorship on Taj Mahal, the media free for all worked around the case and government officials and social laborers bouncing in the field for some diversion and benefit could have made for a fun watch had the movie producer built up his characters well. 

The film does not stop a bit to develop its characters, leaving the gathering of people absolutely uninterested. We don't relate to the poor rancher couple battling for the area and we don't chuckle at their keen jokes since they are excessively old hat. 

On the off chance that we attempt to discover great things about the film, the expectations unquestionably start things out on the little rundown. The court scene as well, can be there. The judge's responses and the legal advisors' contentions are enjoyable to watch. 

With respect to exhibitions, Shreyas and Manjari are great in parts, yet the drama keeps them from being persuading. Alternate on-screen characters are generally exaggerating, totally slaughtering the film. 

At scripting stage, Wah Taj could have been a decent watch, however what we see onscreen is absolutely avoidable.