Review: Hero Achiever 150


To begin with, the Splendor ismart 110, then the Passion Pro with i3S and now the Achiever 150! Saint Moto Corp ways had a finger on the beat of the suburbanite bike portion in India and with the new Achiever 150; it kind of demonstrates everything over once more.

Look me up

The past gen model of the Achiever was not precisely a stunning cruiser nor is this. Listen to us first. The Achiever 150 is a straightforward looking bike with no blaze or punch blast at all. Its first nature is that of the suburbanite cruiser and Hero has no second thoughts conceding that. The lines are perfect and truly essential with the way to deal with configuration being plain and one that will sit well with the general population who are searching for a 150cc suburbanite cruiser.


Not the most complete, but rather the Hero Achiever gets a better than average rundown of components. The highlight being Hero's licensed i3S or Idle Start Stop System! On the off chance that the cruiser lingers for over 5 seconds or something like that, the motor stop consequently and begins again when you pull the grasp. Straightforward and proficient. Likewise, the Achiever 150 gets programmed headlamp on (AHO) which implies that the headlamp goes ahead the minute the bike begins and goes off just when you close the motor down. Before long, it will be required for every one of the bikes to have this component in India and Hero, we accept has stepped in the right bearing. Ultimately, the instrumentation console highlights a side-stand marker, which helps you to remember the side-stand being used.

Engine and Performance

The 149.2cc engine on the Achiever 150 is new and there have been a few tweaks here and there in terms of mapping, parts and the fact that it is BS IV compliant now. There is no doubting that the engine is sprightly. There is a certain character of refinement to the engine and one can open up the throttle for a quick overtake on traffic-laden roads. The performance will not knock off your socks but is decent for daily commuting. The gearshifts are precise but a tad notchy. Under WTMC, the Achiever 150 returns a fuel efficiency of 50 km/l, which is a good figure for a 150cc commuter.

Ride and handling

The ride at the test venue was a mix of various surfaces and the motorcycle had a nicely sprung suspension, as a commuter ought to have. Also, with a kerb weight of just 139kg, we found that the motorcycle is a nimble handler and responds to quick steering inputs. One gripe that we had was the lack of grip from the skinny 80/100-18 Ceat Secura tyres, which of course, gravitates towards efficiency rather than enthusiastic riding. The brakes work well and have enough bite and progression for commuters to feel at ease under panic braking. Our test bikes were fitted with the optional 240mm disc upfront which, we believe should be the choice of all customers.


Our verdict! We believe that the Hero Achiever 150 is a motorcycle that will be an upgrade for customers who are used to riding 110cc-125cc bikes. And for that target audience, it works wonderfully, who want a decent looking, efficient and a nimble commuter. There could have been slightly more features, but again features come at a cost, above what Hero has priced the motorcycle at. 

Hero Achiever 150 Specifications
Displacement       149.1cc

Power     13.4bhp@8,000rpm

Torque   12.8Nm@5,000rpm

Transmission        5-speed manual

Brakes    Front: 240mm disc/Rear: 130mm drum

Kerb Weight  139kg

Tyres      Front: 80/100-18/Rear: 80/100-18

Claimed Fuel Efficiency       50 Km/l

Price       (Disc Brake) 62,800*/(Drum Brake) 61,800*