Reverse Eyeliner Will Give You New Make-up Goals!


Latest make-up trend of reverse eyeliner is getting very popular among the girls. If you are into eyeliner and winged eyeliner is your favorite that, this fashion trend if just for you. Before trying this style of eyeliner, keep the concealers and eye moisturizers handy, in case it gets smudged. You have to be extra careful.

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We all know about the curvy eyebrows and lips, but have you heard of reverse eyeliner till now. If No, then read the article to get to know more about it.

Image result for reverse eyeliner latest trendIt sounds little bit weird but this trend is hitting the fashion industry all across the globe. Winged eyeliner is popular for making the eyes way too beautiful, same as this, the reverse eyeliner is attracting large number of women just like storm. 18 year old Romanian make-up artist, Dahlia, has introduced this trend to beautify the eyes.

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You have to first draw an outline at the opposite direction towards the inner corner of your eye, instead of the outer corners. Although it doesn’t have any connection with the colorful lips or way eyes.

Try this new style of reverse eyeliner to turn many heads in the crowd.