Revealed!! Mercedes-Benz to bring 9 new models in 2017


New Delhi: Mercedes-Benz, the lavishing carmaker seems to be quite somber about its brand strategies as it has planned to commence 9 elite sedans by 2017. Some recently leaked files of Mercedes say that the company has scheduled 9 back-to-back cars by 2017. The file reveals that the company will be launching nine new models to expand its global portfolio next year. Aside from these Mercedes models, two new models from Smart will also be making its international debut in 2017.

Last year, this luxurious car king has gifted 15 cars to both Indian and international market and has declared about the planning of pitching 12 more cars in coming year. However, the newly leaked document revealed that the brand is planning to introduce 9 new models of Mercedes by 2017. The leaked document has all the information about the discussion of releasing plans of Mercedes along with company’s financial report of 2016. This document stated that Mercedes-Benz is planning to enlarge its universal portfolio by launching 9 lavishing cars in 2017.

The report also says that, besides of these 9 models, Mercedes-Benz will release two new sedans from Smart in international marketplace in 2017. Among all the models, the first one will be Mercedes-AMG GT-R, which will make its debut in International market in the first-half of 2017. The second half will see another Smart Mercedes sedan called Mercedes-AMG GT C.  However, there is no data about the name, release, and features of other models.

The international market is expecting to see two Smart Mercedes cars in 2017. In addition to this, in the latter half of 2017, the company will launch its next-gen E-Class Cabriolet and mildly refreshed S-Class sedans for expanding its portfolio. During the festive seasons of 2017, Mercedes has planned to release C-Class adaptable car and the GLC Coupe in the starting of 2017. However, Mercedes has not yet given any comments on the leaked reports or the car releasing plan for 2017.