Restaurant has very odd customer delivery request – leaves staff ‘shattering’


An encouraged pizza fan the previous evening asked for an extraordinarily unconventional expansion to their nourishment arrange. It’s very something.

The anonymous client (you’ll see why), ravenously sent in a request to Firehouse Pizza in Booterstown, Dublin, on Thursday.

On it were the general things – a ‘make your own’ pizza, including chorizo, Cajun chicken, sweetcorn, and caramelized red onion (sounds very decent), with some sweet potato fries (mistake), and a Coke.

In any case, as you might know, on the Just Eat conveyance application there’s likewise the choice for unique solicitations. This one was somewhat peculiar: “save latrine roll”. The message was shared by @cxloe on Twitter.

Chloe said that she wasn’t working the previous evening, yet her partner Dave shared the bill on the work WhatsApp for all to appreciate.

The eatery has had some odd demands previously, however this one is the most entertaining yet.

Did Firehouse Pizza go along? The appropriate response is yes. We don’t know how much the client was charged, but rather, you know. Great exertion.