Reshma: I need individuals to regard us as normal people


Under the incline's circular segment lights, with flashbulbs popping surrounding her, the scars appeared, okay. In any case, Reshma Qureshi did not wince. The corrosive assault survivor from UP – her dad handles a taxi on Mumbai's streets – held her head high and strolled down the ramp at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on Thursday. Hours subsequent to enchanting the world with her fearlessness and never beyond words, the 19-year-old addressed us about the battle ahead.

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What fulfills her more than anything else is that ladies from all kinds of different backgrounds turned out to bolster her after her brother by marriage blazed her face with corrosive two years back. "I'm grateful that such a large number of ladies have given me their unrestricted backing. I've picked up a great deal of certainty," she says. Advise her that she is the new face of women's liberation, and gesture of congratulations comes the answer , "I don't think about that, however yes, I'm to a great degree upbeat and glad. Being welcomed and praised by such a large number of impressive individuals has truly given me a high."


Regardless of the misfortunes, Reshma is clear about what she needs from life. "I first need to seek after my graduation, take up a vocation and help young ladies who have endured considerably more than me. I'm getting such an extensive amount love and backing, however they have none. I need individuals to treat us (survivors) as typical people and for that, we have to change the meaning of magnificence in India. Bas yahi mera dream hai," she shares. Furthermore, marriage? "No! I will never get hitched!" she says in a blaze.


Through every one of her inconveniences, Reshma's family has been a mainstay of quality. "I'm the most youthful kin. I have two more established sisters and two siblings, who adore me. They are glad for my self control and the way I have battled for myself. That means everything to me," says the adolescent.


How was it to walk the incline with Sunny Leone? "I strolled before her and she approached meet me backstage. She embraced me and began sobbing. I was truly touched; she is a brilliant and warm person."

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