Researchers detected Ancient Earth’s atmosphere through space dust particles


Melbourne. A new study revealed that the amount of oxygen in Ancient earth’s atmosphere was same as it holds today. This study is challenging the already set opinion on Earth environment.

From using the oldest fossil micro meteoroids, this study has made a surprising discovery about the composition of earth’s environment 270 million years ago.

Study states that the amount of oxygen in the ancient earth’s atmosphere was the same as it has today. A hazy layer of methane parted the upper layer of oxygen from the deoxygenated lower environment.

Researchers from Monash University, Australian Synchrotron and Imperial London College extracted micro meteorites from the only ancient limestone in the Western Australia.

Andrew Tomkins of Monash University said, “With the help of modern technology we have found that most of the micro meteoroids were elements of metallic iron that were transformed into iron oxides mineral present in the upper environment that indicated more oxygen presence. He said,” The results are exciting as it is for the first time that someone tried to take sample of ancient earth’s upper atmosphere.