Report : Pakistan fails to seal F-16 deal after financing row with US


New Delhi: According to a report published in The Dawn, Pakistan seems to have failed to seal the $700 million deal for the purchase of eight F-16 fighter jets from the US following a row between the two countries over their financing. Quoting diplomatic sources, the report reveals that the government of Pakistan was supposed to provide the Letter of Acceptance for purchase of 8 jets by May 24 but they failed to issue the document within the stipulated time.

“Pakistan decided not to fully fund the case with national funds, so the terms of sale have now expired,” Dawn quoted its source as saying.

Pakistan was hoping that the $699 million deal for 8 F-16 jets will be partially financed under US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programme but the US Congress refused to subsidise the deal. The Congress blocked the subsidy accusing Pakistan of harbouring Haqqani network which is acting against US interests.

Had the US Congress not blocked the subsidies, Pakistan would have got these jets for only $270 million. Pakistan’s reluctance to pay the full price led to the expiry of the deal. However, Pakistan’s Ambassador to US Jalil Abbas Jilani told ‘The Dawn’ that the deal was yet to reach the dead-end.