Report: Older gay and bisexual men have the best sex life


New Delhi: The largest study of gay and bisexual men's sexual habits say that gay and bi men aged 45-49 were the least satisfied, with just 54% claiming satisfactory sex lives. 

The study also revealed that the practice of 'chemsex' – having sex using recreational drugs, often in group scenarios was practiced. "Although chemsex remains a reality for a relatively small proportion of gay and bisexual men, the potential for harm from it is very high," said Dr Ford Hickson, who conducted the study. 

The study also collated results pertaining to HIV and safe sex. A larger group of men, 77% have been tested positive for HIV which is a drastic increase since 2010. 

Dr. Hickson, said, "Reducing HIV or any other sex infections isn't a success if you make people miserable in the process. That's why sexual health organizations are starting to talk about "the best sex with the least harm."