This renowned Oscar winning Actor Left behind famous superstars of Bollywood!


Actor Raghubir Yadav is well known bollywood actor, stage performer and set designer too. This man is recognized for his terrific acting in superhit films including Lagaan, Peepli Live, Water etc. He used to gain attention of people for his outstanding acting in supporting role in bollywood films.   Check out some of his films here :

Lagaan: Lagaan was nominated for the Academy Awards in 2002 in which Raghubir Yadav play a poultry farmer with extremely quick

Image result for raghubir yadav lagaan filmPeepli Live: this movie made an entry into the Oscars in 2011. Where this actor has worked with Naseeruddin Shah.

Image result for raghubir yadav peepli live filmWater: In this movie he played the role of a Pimp in this critically acclaimed film. The movie was nominated for Oscars in 2007.

Image result for raghubir yadav water filmBandit Queen: It was a biography on Phoolan Devi and was India’s entry to the Best Foreign Language in 1995.

Image result for raghuvir yadav in film Bandit Queen1947 Earth: The movie was based on the time of Indai – Pak partition and was nominated into the 1999 Academy Awards.

Image result for raghubir yadav in film 1947 Earth

Rudaali: Rudaali was nominated for the Oscars in 1994. This movie is set in a superstitious village in India where Raghubir plays the son to a cursed widow who is portrayed by Dimple Kapadia.

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Salaam Bombay: This Movie by Mira Nair went into the Oscars in 1989. In the movie Raghubir plays the role of a drug peddler, who himself is an addict obviously!

Image result for raghubir yadav Salaam Bombay filmThe actor was last seen in film Newton where he essayed outstanding role. His 8th film was nominated for Oscars.