Remove these things from your home if you want to be rich!


These things can bring in poverty

According to Vastu, there are many things which if kept in the house, can drain you of your finances and bring in poverty. Here are the things that you should throw out of your house if you want to attract wealth.

Pigeon nest

It is said that having a pigeon nest in the house leads to instability in the house along with poverty. If you have one in the house, consider moving it away from the house.

Bee hive

A bee hive is not only dangerous for you, but also attracts bad luck and poverty in the house. Take the services of a professional to remove one from your house.

Spider web

A spider web in the house is a sign of unfortunate happenings in your life — remove one immediately and keep your house as clean as possible.

Broken mirrors

Broken mirrors are not only considered poor Vastu, they can also attract negative energies in your house along with poverty — make sure to throw away all broken mirrors in the house.


Bats are considered to be the bearers of ill-health, unfortunate situations, poverty or even death. If you live in an area which sees bats, make sure to seal all windows and doors after sunset.

Dent in walls

If you have some dents in your walls, get it repaired immediately — these are not only an eye sore but also attract ill luck and poverty.

Leaky taps

Leaky taps not only waste water, but also are a sign of positive energies being dragged out of the house. Make sure to get a leaky tap or faucet repaired immediately.

Stale flowers

When you pray to God everyday, make sure that you do not offer stale flowers to him. Clean your prayer room thoroughly before praying. Keeping stale flowers can lead to poverty.

Dry leaves

Regularly prune your indoor plants and weed out all dried out-leaves. Not doing so will attract negativity in your house that can lead to a financial crunch.

Loose wires

Loose wires should not be kept in the house. This apart, if any of your electrical appliances has stopped working, then either get it repaired immediately or discard it for good.

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How to attract money

Let us know talk about what attracts money in the house —- if you have a room in the northern corner, make sure it is blue in colour, avoid shades such as red and maroon.

Money plant

Keeping a money plant in a green vase can attract money in the house. You can also let it grow on a twig and partially cover the walls of your house. This will attract money into your house.


A beautiful entrance brings happiness and prosperity in your house — so make sure your entrance is nicely done. Hanging a name plate with the names of the husband and wife carved in wood, too attracts good Vastu in the house.


The kitchen should be placed in the south east corner of the house. The colour of the kitchen should be in pastel hues such as pink, mauve or yellow. Avoid blacks and greys.

Room in the West

If you have a room in the West corner of the house, then make sure it is done up in shades of yellow. Keeping this room neat and clean will attract positive energies in the house.

Cash locker

Place your locker or almirah close to the South or South-West wall. Keeping an idol of Lord Kuber in the locker attracts good luck and money in the house.

Water fountain

Place a water fountain in the North-East part of your home. Also, make sure that the water is always flowing and it does not run dry — also regularly change the water of the fountain to keep it fresh.

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Keep an aquarium

Keep a fish aquarium in the North-East corner of your living room — also make sure to feed the fish everyday with some flour balls along with regular fish food. Doing so will bring in money and happiness in your house.