Remedies to get rid of allergies in winter season


There are people whose immune system is weak and several times they get hit by diseases. Some of the common problems are rashes on face, swelling, soreness, nasal closure, eyes watering etc. All of these allergic problems are seen when the weather changes. If you are going through such problems, then you might be facing allergy. Today, we are telling you some remedies to overcome these problems, check out:

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When we bath with hot water, our skin gets dry. Apply glycerin and rose water before taking bath. Do not let the skin gets dry and use olive oil instead of cream.

Wear cotton inner wear before wearing woolen attires. It will keep you away from the allergies.

If you have kept woolen clothes in your almirah since long time, then place it in sunlight. You will not face any allergy.

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First of all, identify which type of woolen fabric doesn’t suit you. Avoid wearing that fabric. Most of the people face people when they don Pashmina wool.