Religious factors behind CHRISTMAS


Christmas is celebrated across the globe in remembrance of Jesus Christ birth day , who’s even known as “Son of God”. Christmas is originated from CHRIST (or Jesus), A MASS  service which is for communion as Jesus died for Christians community and came back to life. Christmas is supposed to be celebrated after sunset and before sunrise of next day.

The belief in Christmas of people have increased so much, that it is celebrated by believers around the world. Children are even more excited for Christmas because it’s a time when you give and receive gifts.

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Jesus was born in a town known as Bethlehem, there are lot of traditions and rituals related to Christmas. Different cultures,celebrate their occasions in a different manner. Jesus was born in, c. 5 BC.

The angel who in front of the shepherds on the night of Jesus Birth said” I bring a good news that will cause great joy for all the people, today in the Town of David a Savior has been born to you , He is the Messiah, The lord.

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The Christmas is celebrated because an Angel said the birth of Jesus is a “good new” which will cause a “great joy” and it is supposed to be celebration for all the people and this is why happiness is celebrated across the globe with all the rituals.

The main reason of Christmas celebration is because the angle who witnessed shepherd said ” A Savior has been born to you; He is the “MESSIAH” (Christ) who fulfills the Law and The Prophets, who signifies god is faithful and he is the divine Lord who entered our world. Jesus Christ was a human who was infused with God and Man and that an eternal bond.

Since then, Christmas is celebrated with all the joyous activities and rituals which have been followed since ages.