Religious persecution will never be allowed in India, says Rajnath Singh


Calling India the “college of resilience”, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said religious abuse could never be allowed in the nation. “Resilience is crucial for tranquil presence. Individuals from all religions live gently in India and practice their religion with no dread of segregation.

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That is the reason India is a college of resilience,” Singh said, tending to the National Christian Leaders Conference in Delhi.

Expressing that Christianity came to India very nearly 2,000 years prior and that Kerala is home to St Thomas church, one of the world’s most established places of worship, Singh said India can’t overlook the commitment of Christians like St Thomas and Mother Teresa who attempted to destroy shades of malice from society.

“There were occurrences of assaults on places of worship in Delhi which came up in the keep running up to decisions (to the Delhi Assembly). In any case, I might want to say that religious abuse will never be permitted in India, whether it is before or after the decision,” the Home Minister said. Singh said the legislature would watch out for bastards and maintain the manage of law.

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