Reliance Jio will launch its 4G services from August


A Telecom operator Reliance will launch its Jio Infocomm’s 4G services on August 15. The first plan will also offer free voice with data.

The data plans that will be provided to the people will be cheaper as compared to earlier plans, The Economic Times said.

Currently, ‘Reliance Lyf’ is among the top five of the company when it comes to smartphone vendors in India.

The prices for the Lyf phones will be 2,999. This scheme will offer customers to get a Reliance Jio with three months of data service free.

Reliance Jio offers 4G LTE connectivity but it don’t support 3G or 2G services like other telecom players.

In this new venture, Reliance has invested Rs 34,000 crores. Moreover, around 70 lakh users are already downloading 13 million GB of data at an average of 19.2 GB, company said.

Reliance Jio supports LTE (Long Term Evolution) network. Voice services on Jio will be through VoLTE (voice over LTE) that will offer higher call quality, along with faster video and multimedia services.

The interested customers can register on the website, get an early preview to the service. The data services are free for three months on the 4G connection.

“The RJio SIM we tested offered us a minimum download speed of over 8Mbps”, company said