Reliance Jio offers unlimited 4G data for first 3 months…


Mumbai : Reliance Jio has opened its services to customers, The long-awaited commercial launch of Reliance’s 4G network Jio is finally here. Reliance has reportedly announced the sale of its Lyf smartphones with a whopping unlimited 4G data package bundled with the Reliance Jio network. The LYF handsets are being sold at between Rs.5,490 and Rs.19,399 with three months of unlimited data and 4,500 minutes of calling. Apart from this, the offer also bundles around 1500 minutes of free VoLTE calls and access to some premium Jio services.

As reported by a few media friends, the Jio 4G connection which is bundled with the Lyf smartphones are locked for 3 months. You cannot use the SIM card with another smartphone. In short—you are stuck with the basic Lyf smartphone for internet use. But you can turn the Lyf smartphone into a hotspot and share the internet with your other devices. Previously, Reliance 4G connections were only available with employee referral programs, but this time, the company is giving away the 4G SIM cards with its newly launched smartphone series Lyf. You can now also log on to and register yourself for a free trial of the 4G network.