Reliance Defence To Redfit 3 Navy ships


NEW DELHI: The first of three ships of the Indian Navy undergoing refit at the Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd (RDEL) yard will be completed shortly and the entire project, worth Rs. 300 crore, is likely to be finished by April next year.Through a competitive bidding process (4 bidders from PSU and private sector participated), RDEL has been awarded the contracts for refitting of three vessels – INS Jamuna, INS Deepak and INS Savitri.

The refit exercises, biggest contract given to a privately owned business, are relied upon to be finished by April 2017 with the principal refit getting finished in a matter of seconds, industry sources said. Naval force sources said the agreement was granted to RDEL basically in view of the dry dock it has.

RDEL works India's biggest dry dock of 662 m length and 65 m width. The shipyard has the main measured shipbuilding office with ability to manufacture completely created and furnished pieces preceding their erection in Dry Dock.

The manufacture office is spread more than 2.1 million sq. ft. The shipyard has a pre-erection billet of 980 meters length and 40 meters width, and 2 Goliath cranes with joined lifting limit of 1,200 tons, other than furnishing compartment length of 780 meters, the organization has prior said.