For the release of Saturn’s suffering on Saturdays, see the three Saturn temples


If Shani’s grace is done on a person, then he gets victory, wealth, work, happiness and health. In India there are many backbones of Shani Dev, but there are only three miraculous backs in the past who have highly regard. According to the belief, special places of Saturn can be obtained by going to these places. By worshiping Lord Shiva on these three Shakti Peethas, all your problems will be solved.

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Saturn Shinganapur: – The most important feature of Shinganapur is that there are no queues in the houses and Shani Dev protects its devotees. It was forbidden to serve women Saturn Vigilance and to make Telabhisak, but now it is not so. If Shanisha’s special puja is performed by coming here, then Shani is pleased and offers liberation from all the hardships.

Shanishing Temple: – Found here, Shani Pinda Hanuman ji was thrown out of Lanka who came here and established it. Here is the tradition of getting the hug after offering oil to Saturn due to the wonderful tradition. The devotees who come here meet with Saturn Dev with great love and enthusiasm and share their sorrows with them. Before visiting the house, devotees leave their clothes, slippers, shoes etc. in the temple before going to their house. Devotees believe that by doing so, they get rid of sin and poverty.

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Siddha Shani Dev: – People can escape the punishment of Saturn by going to this place, not at any other place. According to legendary belief, Lord Krishna remains present in the form of Shani Dev. Who performs the orbiting of this forest and worships Shani Dev, receives the grace of Lord Krishna. At the same time, the outbreak of Shani Dev will also go away.