Rekha – The Untold Story


♦ Book Title: Rekha – The Untold Story
♦ Author: Yasser Usman
♦ Publisher: Juggernaut
♦ Pages: 240
♦ Price: INR 499

Neeraj Pandey: It was impossible to cast his favourite actor as MS Dhoni.

Film stars are required to stun with their attire and appearances, however not with socio-religious traditions. However she started applying sindoor – the customary image of a wedded Hindu lady – even 10 years before her one recognized marriage and at an official recompense service, even President Neelam Sanjiva Reddy couldn't keep from asking her for what valid reason. It was popular in her home city, answered Rekha.

That was Rekha – continually looking to live and chip away at her own terms, right from her profession's begin in a staid, traditional time. Yet, as this account lets us know, the adventure of a fairly thick and dull complexioned Bhanurekha Ganesan, who even didn't know Hindi, to turning into a snazzy, apparently imperishable diva who spellbound Hindi motion picture fans more than four decades, was a long way from smooth, or even guaranteed.

"Millenials think about her as resigning and inaccessible. However, how could she have been able to she arrive? Who is the genuine Rekha? Is it true that she is the baffling and slippery lady of the years after her destined marriage? Alternately the cheerful and loudmouthed adolescent who never shied far from talking her brain? It is safe to say that she is the result of her relationship with Amitabh Bachchan? Is there additional to the account of Bollywood's 'endless other lady'?"

These are the issues that Yasser Usman, in the second of his arranged anecdotal set of three on Indian whizzes (in the wake of starting with late Rajesh Khanna), looks for answers to as he takes us through her crazy ride life.

As he brings out, it involved for her an adolescence eclipsed by the nonappearance of a father – and slice short by the need to bolster her family by diving into movies, where her initial few invasions were not exactly a lovely affair. At that point there were sneers in abundance on her "otherness" (which maybe clarifies her propensity for playing the other lady, or a concubine, in some of her most prestigious parts), a notoriety for inconsistency, a string of fizzled sentiments etc.

Notwithstanding when she changed into a more finished and expert entertainer, there was her figuring in Bollywood's greatest thing of tattle, lastly, her not exactly upbeat marriage which finished in a catastrophe, all of which Usman manages fairly, to her triumphant come back to end up a standing legend.

Usman, who admits he was never a major devotee of Rekha since she was a long way from her pinnacle when he grew up, develops his record through discussions with the individuals who have worked with her, and pipes through all her old meetings and in addition many identifying with her. His endeavor to talk with Rekha by and by didn't fructify regardless of a "decent visit" with her secretary Farzana, who listened to him calmly and guaranteed to get back – yet never did.

It is not the primary account (Usman refers to one 1999 work) and a large portion of the material originates from effectively distributed/broadcast sources and would be well known to any individual who has been taking after Rekha, however the creator examines it into a consistent entire as well as figures out how to break some new ground by looking for perspectives of those behind some of her finest exhibitions – Gulzar ("Khoobsurat", "Ghar" and "Ijazat"), Shyam Benegal ("Kalyug") and Muzaffar Ali ("Umrao Jaan").

Starting with the conditions and outcomes of her fleeting marriage with Mukesh Agarwal (where he likewise figures out how to get a few bits of knowledge from previous Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar, who had managed the case then), he then about-faces to her uneasy youth and afterward takes after a straight approach.

Aside from the normal parts on Amitabh Bachchan and "Silsila", one letting one know is her terse treatment of Puneet Issar, who had about finished Amitabh's profession in 1982.

But, one spot where what Usman could have accomplished more was give us some more data, similar to co-stars and plots, of her movies, incorporating 25 in 1977 and 1978, as opposed to simply posting the names and inquiring as to whether any "rings a chime".

Then again, there is additionally an astute examination with a notorious outside on-screen character (not Greta Garbo), while by and large, Usman draws out the tragic expense of film fame, particularly for ladies, who are required to be overwhelming, participate in a wide range of adventures and discussions (which we savor perusing about) yet judged cruelly for this when they look for an ordinary life – and come up short.

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