Register case against Maneka Gandhi, says Kerala businessman


The case has been filed against Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi after a stray dog killed a 65-year-old woman in Kerala recently.

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Maneka Gandhi said, "What has happened to the woman is sad. But it is foolish to kill all the stray dogs in that specific area for this reason," adding "also, I feel the woman must have been carrying some meat with her while going to the beach. Dogs don't chase you simply."

“It was shameful incident that Gandhi holds the portfolio of women and child welfare”, said  Kochuouseph Chittilapally.

Chittilapally said, "A case should be registered against her and the media should play their role by boycotting her. None has any clue of why she behaves like this and the residents of Puluvilla where the dogs devoured the lady should see that dangerous dogs are shot dead."

The action was taken against her after the Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India, R.M. Kharb reported about the incident.  

State Local Self Government Minister K.T.Jaleel said, “The government had ordered administering of medical doses to all ferocious dogs for culling, apart from taking measures to sterilise the animals.”

According to the government more than one lakh people in the state have been bitten by stray dogs this year and Kerala leads the rest of the country in the sale of anti-rabies vaccine.

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