A Red Cross truck carrying relief supplies for Rohingya veers off, kills 9


Dhaka, Bangladesh: On Thursday morning, a truck filled with humanitarian aid for Rohingya Muslim refugees went out of control near the border town of Cox’s Bazar and plunged into a trench, killing atleast 9 aid workers.

A Bangladeshi medical administrator, Aung Swi Prue, said Nine people were killed including six on the spot and three in the hospital, 10 others who were injured and are receiving treatment.

ICRC spokeswoman Misada Saif said, the victims who lost their lives in this accident were Bangladeshi workers hired to distribute food packages to 500 Rohingya families along Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar in Bandarban district.

Rohingya- A Tale of Horror

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The truck belongs to the International Committee of the Red Cross and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and was operated by a supplier who has been working for the two agencies for last couple of weeks. Agency officials are “very shocked and sad.” said Saif.

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“Our thoughts are with the families of the dead. They were there to help the people who desperately need help,” she added.