Recite hanuman chalisa to achieve Wisdom and Strength


Hanuman Chalisa is hides the essence of the life of Lord Hanuman, which draws inspiration in life. Hanuman Chalisa was written by the great poet Tulsidas. There are 40 verses in it due to which it is called Chalisa. If anyone recites it then that ios known as Chalisa text recitation. Hanuman Chalisa has a very high importance in Hinduism. Let us know about the special values of Hanuman Chalisa​​….

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Reciting Hanuman Chalisa  at the time of fear, crisis or disaster, all troubles go away.

If a person has Saturn crisis on an individual, then that person should read Hanuman Chalisa. This brings calmness in his life.

If some evil forces haunts a person, reading Hanuman Chalisa gets him rid of the fear.

Divine power comes from the text.

Hanuman is donor of wisdom and strength,  by reciting the text wisdom and streng are received.

Reciting Hanuman Chalisa Turns away from negative emotions and positivity that comes to mind.

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