Reasons Why Notes Ban Could Be a Sparrow’s Belch In A Thunderstorm


After demonetisation is over:

1. Will babus and government officials quit asking for bribes?

2. Will parties battle decisions utilizing checks for installments and manage without money, most importantly, guaranteeing their consumption remains inside the Election Commission's standards?

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3. Will enormous specialists begin paying all their assessments and quit attempting to abstain from paying duty?

4. Will the colossal measure of duties in all land bargains abruptly begin being readily ponied up all required funds?

5. Will all share and indulgent marriage costs be paid with check?

6. Will all retailers give you a bill for every one of your buys and will you eagerly pay the additional cost of offers expense or GST?

7. Will cops give up to a large portion of a-lakh of rupees a day in pay from fixes rather than challans by turning fair and formally fining each driver that breaks the guidelines?

8. Will authorities prevent taking a cut from NREGA specialists the whole way across the nation when they are paid their day by day compensation?

9. Will diamond setters give up crores and crores of pay they collect each year by not paying expenses and all of a sudden begin paying their charges?

10. Will hoarders and dark marketeers stop to exist or maybe proceed with their exchange utilizing charge cards and checks?

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Demonetisation handles the side effect not the ailment.

The infection starts and is spread by our legislators – would we be able to truly anticipate that similar government officials will get to the wellspring of the disease when the source would they say they is themselves?

No – the maroon Rs. 2000 note and the new dark hued Rs. 500 notes will soon turn dark once more.

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