Reason why girls fast on Monday?


Most of the girls do fast on Monday as per Indian culture as it is considered very important. Fast is the symbol of compassion and submission to God. Do you know why girls fast on Monday? If not, then I am telling you why all girls do fast…

Why Bride-groom Kundali is matched?

The girls consider Lord Shankar as his favourite god and they also possess great faith in him. Girls mostly pray Lord Bholenath for getting the desired bride. It is believed that Lord Bholenath is very kind and he blesses the girls and gives them the desired result.

Significance of wearing blue stone!

On Monday, pray Lord Shankar. There is no rule of food or fruit in the fast. Girls must eat meals only once throughout the day. On the third praharas, worship Shiva and listen to the story. Later, eat food to to open your fast. You will be blessed by Lord Shankar!