The rear-view mirror hoax that will stop you getting dazzled by high-beam lights


Getting blinded by another driver’s full-pillar lights is a standout amongst the most irritating – and even conceivably perilous – pitfalls of driving during the evening.

Cheerfully, there’s a convenient trap which will guarantee the lights having a place with the driver behind you do not stun anymore and divert you.

It’s all down the back view reflect in the car.

These all have a concealed switch which can give a drained driver’s eyes a rest, essentially by flicking it.

This will help mirror the light from the auto behind’s high pillars upwards and far from your eyes.

Josh Clark from YouTube channel clarifies the usefulness of the back view reflect:

“What resembles a little bit of level mirror swinging from your windscreen is really a kaleidoscopic wedge.”

What this implies, is the back view mirror is at a point, which means it emits a glare when driving around evening time, The Sun composed.

By basically flicking the switch, in any case, you viably swap the point the edge around, so any blinding light vanishes as the overabundance light is reflected upward and far from your eyes.

That little switch has been there from the beginning, and now you think about it, take advantage of it.