Ready to cooperate in any investigation, says Zakir Naik


Stating that he has constantly offered his cooperation to Central agencies in their investigations, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) chief Zakir Naik has justified his decision to steer clear of India conveying that he was an NRI and that his work kept him away mostly. Till a couple days back, no organization tried to get in touch with me, make inquiries, send me any notice or even hotel a FIR against me.

Till date there's been no contact and the main FIR held up against me was done after the boycott." Rubbishing reports of him being allowed Malaysian citizenship, the Islamic evangelist said he has nor been banned in Malaysia nor does he have its citizenship.

"The Indian media has rehashed several times in the most recent four months that I was banned in Malaysia. Presently it takes a somersault and says that I have been given the citizenship of Malaysia. By what means can a man, who is banned in a nation, be given an international ID of that nation? Both these reports are completely false with no evidence.

I'm neither banned in Malaysia nor do I have its citizenship," he said. Naik likewise named the prohibition on his NGO as "terrible" and affirmed that this move of the 'counter Muslim' BJP-drove NDA Government is politically persuaded.

 Naik said that the boycott would be tested at the earliest opportunity, including that his legitimate group in Delhi and Mumbai are thinking about all choices conceivable.

Reacting to a fraud with respect to why he censured Prime Minister Narendra Modi-drove government for the boycott and not British Prime Minister Theresa May, Naik said, "I am not banned in the U.K., I have been 'rejected', which implies I can't enter U.K. A boycott would have implied banning my discourses on TV, my NGO and also my books, sound and video CDs.

 None of that has happened. My association and my distributed materials are especially available for use in U.K. also, doing some honorable work in spreading the message of peace in Islam."