Read: Do’s and Don’ts Of Having Money Plant In The House For Getting Rich

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Generally everyone has Money Plant in their houses but not everyone know…how to take care of them. Having a Money Plant in the house is very beneficial. But many people don’t have the ideas of the direction…where a money plant is must kept.

As per various Astrological Measures, placing a Money Plant in a Wrong direction will cost you much more harm than gain, as this can even make you poor.

Here we are revealing some Do’s and Don’ts of Having a Money Plant in the House.

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– Never Keep Money Plant in the North East Direction, as keeping a money plant in this direction will give you financial Losses.

– Always spread the climber upwards and not on the Floor.

– Never Ever let the Money Plant get Dry because dry plats are not good for the house, as per the Vastu.

– Never Place Money Plant in the East-West Direction, as this brings stress in the love life of the couple.

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– As per the Vastu Shastra placing Money Plant in the South-east Direction is very beneficial. Because This direction belongs to Lord Ganesha and it represents Venus, So Money plant kept in this direction brings Positive energy and Happiness.

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