Ravi Shastri’s application for Indian team’s head Coach has some Fans Fuming


Ravi Shastri on Monday formally applied for the job of Indian cricket team’s head coach. Shastri, the India team director from 2014-16, reportedly applied for the post after Sachin Tendulkar asked for him to. As per sources, the Indian team needs Shastri to return which makes him the most loved for the job.

“Ravi (Shastri) actually was the one where the turnaround actually begun for the Indian cricket team in 2014. After India lost in England, the BCCI asked him to come in as a team director… all of a sudden there was a change in the team’s fortunes over a period of time. Now that he’s applied, he’s probably the man who will is going to get the job,” previous India skipper Gavaskar told to media.

On social media however, Shastri’s formal bid yesterday started a hot debate, with a few fans fighting that the whole scene would cause huge damage to the future of Indian cricket. The post was cleared a month ago by Anil Kumble, who retired hurt saying his organization with skipper Kohli was untenable as the latter had reservations about his style.

However, some others backed Shastri to do a good job if appointed coach.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) will hold the meetings for the job on July 10 in Mumbai. The due date for applications is July 9. Aside from Shastri, some of the other candidates are Virender Sehwag, Lalchand Rajput, Tom Moody, Richard Pybus and Dodda Ganesh.