Ravi Shastri will be team India’s batting coach, says Ganguly


The Cricket Advisory Committee member, Sourav Ganguly confirmed on Friday that Ravi Shastri will be the Indian batting coach in coming matches.

“Yes, we offered Ravi the Indian team’s batting coach post,” Ganguly said.

There were battles going on between both the pairs. Even after, Shastri agreed to attend the meeting with Ganguly. He missed Ganguly interview concerning the Cricket Association of Bengal over the former India team director’s presentation.

Ganguly said that, “Shastri should have been present in person and not have been holidaying in Bangkok when the interview was taking place. He also added that he had intimated his fellow committee members and candidates of his absence well in advance.”

Rumours are doing round that Zaheer Khan will be selected a bowling coach. But, Ganguly said “It was up to the BCCI to take a call and see if the left-arm pacer was available through the year.”

“It is Anil’s prerogative. Since he is a bowler, maybe, he did not appoint a bowling coach. I also have read in the newspapers that he may rope in pace bowling coach later. Let me stress that Sachin and Laxman have no role in appointing Anil’s assistant coaches,” he said.

“I have no knowledge about this (Zaheer Khan being a likely candidate). BCCI will have to see whether Zaheer is available for 365 days or not,” Ganguly said.