Ranthambore: The Trinetra Chamatkari Mandir


Ranthambore is known for its safari and national park but, apart from that there’s a chamatkari mandir which is known as Trinetra mandir which is situated   inside Ranthambore Fort.

God is one: The Best example is Bajranji Bhaijaan

The Temple is another tourist attraction in Ranthambore . Trinetra which means Three-Eyed Ganesh Aka Pratham Ganesh Temple. It is one of the oldest temples in Rajasthan. Tridevi mandir is one of those temples, where one can find the deities of the entire family of Lord Shiva.This famous temple was built by devotee of Lord Ganesha i.e.  King Hammer.

The king was there for a war and all the warriors noticed that their stocks of food were running out in very short period. One night, Lord Ganesha appeared in front of the King and assured him that the stocks of his food and grains will be filled and his troubles will be sorted by next morning.

Religious Places of Rajasthan

The very next day, the war was ceased and the food stock replenished; which make the king believed in miracles just because of that the king Hammer took a decision to build this miraculously temple for Lord Gamesha .Massive devotees of Lord Ganesha throng, adorn this temple. The temple follows up its daily chores by doing Aarti for 5 times in each day.