Ramesh Chennithala: Speaker failed to protect interests of opposition


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Opposition pioneer Ramesh Chennithala descended vigorously on Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan. Like the decision front, the resistance too has rights in the get together, he charged. Conversing with columnists here after the gathering was deferred, he said the speaker's demonstration not permitting the restriction pioneer to talk was wrong.

Getting into politics better than fast, says Irom Sharmila

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan proceeded with his baldfaced disposition today too. The speaker bolstered this stand. The speaker has turned into a manikin in the hands of the central clergyman. Amid the residency of the UDF Government, the then restriction leader V S Achuthanandan had talked six times amid inquiry hour.

Be that as it may, I was not allowed to talk, pointed the finger at Chennithala. The main clergyman has the stand which is loaded with discourteousness and haughtiness. The administration has stooped before the self-financing administrations.

 The shot of the poor understudies to study is being ruined. Wellbeing Minister K Shylaja has now turned a pastor who signs according to the interest of the administrations, he said.

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