Rajya Sabha Member Vivek Tankha Complains Airlines about VIP Treatment


NEW DELHI: On Wednesday a Legislature who took a Spice Jet flight has protest to the confidential airline. Because he receives VIP Treatment. He called it extremely embarrassing. Today Vivek Tankha, a Congress Rajya Sabha member, writes to the airline entitling to extraordinary treatment subsequent to he landed in Delhi from Jabalpur. He conveyed in a jaw-dropping appearance of embarrassment at rights that many of his generation take for granted that, they are breathing in an independent nation where every person is uniformly respected and important. He conveyed that subsequent to he and one more parliamentarian boarded a transit bus, the doors were abruptly shut to other traveler and the three of us were completely ferried.

Mr Tankha conveyed that, he powerfully felt that an MP “is like any other passenger” and should wait for the same good manners offered to other passengers. He wrote to Airlines that, as a worried resident I feel that there is no necessitate enlarging such extra courtesy to any Member of Parliament or any VVIP/VIP. As community representatives we are supposed to take delivery of the similar treatment as extended to other passengers. I establish this extra courtesy extremely awkward. I straight away demand the floor staff not to extend such VIP treatment to us or any person else. He optional that the excessive courtesy be put an end to with straight away effect for all VIPs excepting if there are some very authentic or compelling security/health considerations. In current months, resentment alongside “VIP culture” in India has motivated protests and campaigns on social media. Previous year, an Air India flight was delayed and traveler was off-loaded to house an amalgamation minister in a stand-out example of VIP culture.