Raju Teth gang targeted coaching center owners: Rajasthan ATS


Jaipur: Rajasthan Anti-Terrorist Squad's (ATS) arrest of Bhanwar Lal Chapra has foiled Raju Teth gang's latest bid of expanding its base in the state. Chapra , who was arrested by a crack team of ATS from a restaurant in Jaipur on Friday, told ATS that he had recruited several people from Haryana into the gang to increase Raju Teth gang's base in Rajasthan.

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"Raju Teth, the kingpin of the gang, is behind the bars, but his close aides like Chapra and Manoj Ola have been carrying out extortions and other acts of crime on Teth's behalf. They terrorized people on Teth's name and forced them to pay extortions," an ATS official said.

The teams of ATS and Special Operations Group (SOG) interrogated Chapra and found the modus operandi of the gang. Chapra told cops that the gang was seeking to increase its firepower to carry out widespread extortion and eliminate the members of the rival gang.

"Chapra revealed gang's widespread involvement in mining, its hold in property dealings and other inter-state criminal activities. Chapra had lived in North East states of India while on the run. They had terrorized the coaching center owners of Sikar to extort money," ATS said.According to cops, during its heydays, the Raju Teth gang had tightened its grip on Sikar based betting racket. 

The gang immensely profited from the racket and later got itself involved in property dealings. "The gang forceful acquired land, threaten dealers at gun point, and sought regular extortions from them," another official added.

Chapra shared crucial details with cops about his role in providing weapons and planning the conspiracy of 2014 attack on Anandpal Singh and his associated in Bikaner Jail. "Chapra was the backbone of the gang following the arrest of Raju Teth. He was tasked by Teth to reorganize the gang's operations as their main rival Anandpal Singh was no longer a potent threat to them," another official added.

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